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The Key to Successful Book Marketing Is Making Genuine Connections

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Want to know the key to successful book marketing for self-published authors? A strong understanding and connection to your readers.

It’s surprising how many authors start marketing their books without knowing who they are writing them for . If you’re writing fiction, this is particularly important because there are subgenres and tropes that can make or break your book. You want to ensure you are reaching out to the correct people and not wasting your time in places your readers don’t visit often.  

Even worse, I’ve spoken to authors who don’t know their genre or have written for a genre that doesn’t exist! That’s like trying to sell your book to thin air- those readers don’t exist! 

Let me say this as clearly as I can. 

If you’re wondering why your book isn’t selling, I can tell you that you are probably marketing to the wrong readers without even knowing what your book is about. People will not purchase something they don’t feel connected to. 

Connecting with your readers, otherwise known as reader engagement, gives you longevity and should be the driver for all of your book marketing. That is if your goal is to determine how to sell books along the way.

Finding your perfect reader market and building those connections will take some trial and error, but it will be worth it! Remember, “marketing is first and foremost about connecting.” 

Get creative, and put yourself out there!

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