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Finding Book Promotion Services That Will Help Sell Your Books

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There are a lot of book promotion services out, and choosing the right ones are just as important as writing a good book. We all want to see our books sell, but I’ve seen many talented authors with fantastic books fail. They just weren’t organized or realistic about their marketing plan.

So if you’re considering investing in book promotion services, here are a few things you should ask yourself:

What can you do yourself really well, and what do you realistically need to hire out?

Do the book promotion services you’re considering offer clear deliverables and guarantees?

Would the strategies help you long term or short term? Short term is riskier, of course, but that doesn’t mean those strategies don’t have their place.

Do the services clearly target your specific reader market?

And lastly, if something works, can you budget to repeat that effort every month or at least multiple times a year?

If you’re satisfied with the answers, then the book promotion services you’re considering may be right for you!

If you aren’t quite sure, then you’ll probably want to keep looking and really get serious about what kind of budget is realistic. Beware of the ones who promise the moon, despite the cost.

You can protect yourself from spending your budget on the wrong book promotion services by educating yourself, and always check your gut. If it feels like your goals aren’t being prioritized, they probably aren’t. Move on and make sure you remain in control.

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