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Behind Every Successful Author is a Dedicated Team of Experts

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We’re big fans of education, and huge proponents of authors taking on some of their own marketing, but the reality is, some book marketing services really are essential to your success.

But not all book marketing companies are created equal — we’re willing to admit that as well!

So how do you know which book marketing services are worth your investment, and which aren’t?

Finding Book Marketing Services That Work

Start with the company’s history and focus. How long have they been around and what do they claim to be experts in? Most companies can’t do it all, and that’s fair, so be wary of a book marketing company claiming they offer one-stop-shopping.

Do they have testimonials on their website? Success leaves clues. We’re beyond proud of our Client Success page, where clients have given their honest opinions about what it’s like to work with our team.

How is their engagement online? If a book marketing company offers book marketing services that include social media efforts, or networking and pitching influencers, they should also walk the walk and have an online presence that proves they know how to show up.

Last but not least, are they honest with you? What we mean is, if a company is selling book marketing services that promise you a bestseller, or say they have the key to success as long as you pay their fee — run away.

The reality is, nothing in this business is easy. But there are steps you can take, and strategies you can use, to stay on the path to success that we’re very confident will reward you in the long run!

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