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Book Cover Design Awards – November 2021 – Nessgraphica

Alexander von Ness – November 19, 2021

Welcome to the Book Cover Design Awards organized by The Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Blog.

Last month we received 17 covers.

Judge: Alexander von Ness

Alexander is a book cover designer with almost thirty years of professional experience in graphic design, including over a decade as an art director in a branding agency . His website is among the top trusted sites for book cover design services overall and this Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Blog has been selected as one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers.


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Designer : Kitten from Deranged Doctor Design

Book Title : Little One

Submitted by : Darja Deranged Doctor

Book description : A little girl, Esther, no older than seven years old, by herself in the dead of night, her pretty but old-fashioned yellow dress covered in grass stains and her hair dishevelled. She says she’s waiting for Father, and that strikes Fran as particularly odd.

Alexander von Ness : Great cover design! Kitten from DDD showed us how smart she is and how great she does her job. This is again a great classic book cover design that has everything in it. Tonality, typography, composition and again yellow color that emphasizes the main role and character of the story. Congratulations once again! -Look at how many ratings the book has. I am convinced that this wonderful book cover design contributed to the sale of the book!

  • The Power of Therapy: How to Navigate Change, Transform Trauma, and Make Sense of Your Mental Health Care

    Designer :
    Greg Moore

    Book Title : The Power of Therapy: How to Navigate Change, Transform Trauma, and Make Sense of Your Mental Health Care

    Submitted by : Joshua Newman

    Book description : My friend, Greg Moore created a beautiful cover for my book, The Power of Therapy. The book is self-published under Mountain Stream Books, a company I created for self-publishing my own creations.

    Alexander von Ness : While this cover design is very decent, it doesn’t attract attention with anything so it gets lost in the ocean of other thumbnails (on Amazon). I think some detail should be added that would make it stand out from the rest of the covers.

  • Two Between Worlds

    Designer :
    Nissa Harlow

    Book Title : Two Between Worlds

    Submitted by : Nissa Harlow

    Book description : Cover was designed by the author.

    Alexander von Ness : Nice try! Faces should definitely be bright to see facial expression. I would enlarge the faces image and fill in the hole in the upper left corner. This would give you more space for a title that would be more pronounced. I would write the title in the same font used for the author’s name. Also, I would remove all the effects on the title and leave it clean in white.

  • Broken Like Glass

    Designer :
    Bree Livingston

    Book Title : Broken Like Glass

    Submitted by : Bree Livingston

    Book description : I’ve struggled to find a cover for this book. The current design is lovely and fits women’s fiction well, but this book doesn’t fit squarely in that genre. It crosses into mystery and fantasy. Think The Shack if it were written for women.

    Alexander von Ness : I find that this book cover design is much closer to your target audience than the cover design you currently have on Amazon. I think that the tonality needs to be further refined (insert a sense of mystery and fantasy). This is mostly achieved with dark blue color, the addition of fog and/or smoke, and the blurring of parts of the design. The title should be more pronounced and balanced.

  • Finding Your Part in God's Master Story: An Exploration of Christian Worldviews

    Designer :
    Hannah Linder

    Book Title : Finding Your Part in God’s Master Story: An Exploration of Christian Worldviews

    Submitted by : Janet Ruth

    Book description : Understanding worldviews through the lens of storytelling is an overwhelming topic to capture in a picture. The simple graphic of an open book shown here on the cover invites the reader into the subject of Christian worldviews in a compelling way.

    Alexander von Ness : I want to be as constructive and objective as possible and I don’t want to disappoint the author but this concept of an open book has been seen so many times. This design does not attract the attention of readers or visitors. I looked at the designer’s portfolio, this is a great designer!

  • The Curse of Cain

    Designer :
    Dragana from Deranged Doctor Design

    Book Title : The Curse of Cain

    Submitted by : Darja Deranged Doctor

    Book description : Book cover design for The Curse of Cain, by Theophilus Monroe.
    Fantasy cover design by Dragana, Deranged Doctor Design.

    Alexander von Ness : Very good design. Exactly what the target audience expects. I think the title and name of the author should be lifted up a bit. The complete picture should go a little down to make the name of the “Vilokan Asylum” series more noticeable (which is superbly made!).