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What is Truman Publishing Company?

Truman Publishing Company is an independent publishing house. They publish a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction titles, they are especially well-known for their children's books, and have a strong focus on regional authors and subjects. Truman Publishing Company is known for their high quality books, and they take pride in their personal relationships with their authors.

What does Truman Publishing Company do for authors?

Truman Publishing Company provides a number of services for authors, including manuscript editing, cover design, and marketing. They work with authors to help them create a book that is both professionally edited and visually appealing. Truman also helps authors to market their book, which can be a difficult task for first-time authors.

What is the best way to contact Truman Publishing Company?

One would first need to identify the specific person within Truman Publishing Company with whom they would like to communicate. Once that individual's contact information is obtained, the most appropriate way to reach out would be via email. The best way to contact Truman Publishing Company is by email. Their email address is You can also call them at (888) 894-7508.

What are the services that Truman Publishing Company provides?

Truman Publishing Company provides a variety of services to its clients, including book publishing, marketing and publicity services, and editorial and design services. The company has a team of experienced professionals who can help authors develop and publish their books, and it offers a wide range of services that can help authors promote and sell their books. Truman Publishing also has a large catalog of books that its clients can choose from, and it can help them find the right publisher for their book.

How can I get Truman Publishing Company to market my book?

First, you will need to create a marketing plan for your book. This will involve outlining your target audience, strategies for reaching them, as well as budgeting for your efforts. You can then reach out to Truman Publishing Company to see if they are interested in working with you to market your book. If they are, be prepared to negotiate a contract detailing the specifics of the marketing campaign.

How much does it cost to get Truman Publishing Company to market my book?

Getting Truman Publishing Company to market your book, will cost a minimum of $5,000. This price includes a variety of marketing services, such as creating a book website, designing and printing promotional materials, and arranging book signings. Truman Publishing also offers several additional services that can be added to the basic package, such as radio and TV advertising, online marketing, and public relations.

What is Truman Publishing Company's position on piracy?

Truman Publishing Company does not condone piracy in any form. Piracy, or the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material, is a serious issue that impacts the publishing industry, authors, and readers alike. The unauthorized copying and sharing of books, music, movies, and other copyrighted content not only deprives creators of their hard-earned income, but can also diminish the quality and availability of creative work. Truman Publishing Company supports efforts to fight piracy and protect the rights of copyright holders.

What are the benefits of being published by Truman Publishing Company?

There are a few benefits of being published by Truman Publishing Company. One is that their peer review process is rigorous, so you can be sure that your work is held to the highest standards. Additionally, their editors are experienced and know how to produce top-notch publications. Finally, their marketing and distribution channels are extensive, so your work can reach a large audience.

What is the difference between Truman Publishing Company and a traditional publishing company?

A traditional publishing company typically acquires manuscripts from authors, edits and proofs them, and then prints and distributes them to bookstores. They may also market and sell the books to consumers. Truman Publishing Company, on the other hand, is a self-publishing company. This means that the author is responsible for all aspects of the publishing process, from acquiring a ISBN number to designing the cover. Truman also provides marketing and distribution services to its authors.

How can Truman Publishing Company help me sell my book?

Truman Publishing Company can help an author sell a book by providing marketing and publicity services. The company can help create a book jacket, design a book website, and set up interviews with the media. Truman Publishing can also help to organize book signings and readings.

How can Truman Publishing Company help me market my book?

Truman Publishing Company can help you market your book through a variety of services, including publicity and advertising. Truman also has a robust online presence, which can help you reach more readers. In addition, Truman's team of experts can provide advice on how to best promote your book to ensure that it reaches its target audience.

What are the ways to get published by Truman Publishing Company?

There are three ways to get published by Truman Publishing Company: submitting a manuscript, becoming a contracted author, or winning a writing contest. To submit a manuscript, you must first send the company your proposal and sample chapters. If the company is interested in your work, they will contact you to discuss contract details. To become a contracted author, you must agree to write a book for the company and sign a contract. Finally, you can also win a writing contest sponsored by Truman Publishing Company.
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