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Introduction: Truman Publishing is a publishing company that has been in business since the early 1990s. Truman Publishing is a small or mid-budget, independent publishing company. Truman Publishing specializes in publishing books that fall into history, biography, current events, politics, fiction, non-fiction, poems, etc. They also have expert professionals in marketing that assist in developing […]

Open Up to Indie Authors: Campaign Update from ALLi

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For ten years, the Alliance of Independent Authors has worked to improve representation for indie authors. One aspect of that work has been getting organizations, awards and services to open their doors to self-publishers. We’re delighted to have recently appointed a dedicated manager, Melissa Addey, for this important work and to have updated our Open […]

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TRUMAN’S NEWS We built Truman’s News to keep you informed and entertained about everything that is happening. Are you struggling to find quality news sources? Truman’s News is a new platform that shares blogs, articles, and updates or gives you some new ideas on how to improve your story elements writing or book crafting. This […]